Kenya Safaris: Accomodation

From the most complex suits to spacious tents available. These tents are comfortable and can accommodate 2 people each. All tents, pavilions, bungalows, and hotel rooms (if any) are granted based on two beds. The provision of tents is by gender and the relationship between passengers. Foam mattresses are provided but no sleeping bag and pillow. See number 21 above.

The facilities / facilities such as toilets and showers in areas distant / remote shopping malls are a bit outmoded or absent. NOT BE TAKEN BY THE SHOCK! In some cases, you install to campsites with facilities such as cold / hot tap, showers, toilets etc.). In other cases that's life in the bush. Thank you to quickly adapt to the conditions safari!

Sometimes an "itinerant shower could be on the vehicle. These showers will not be available due to a lack of water towards the need of drinking water.

Water is a "commodity" valuable in Africa. Thank you to use it in moderation (brushing your teeth, washing your hair, long showers)

Thank you for that, because of distance, the supply of fruits and vegetables in some places is only a dream. In summer (September - April), fresh products are only 2 A3 day. Tea and coffee are available at the campsite. Of mineral water, soft drinks are not included but can be bought in supermarkets and other stores. You are invited to bring a bottle of your favourite alcohol.

A breakfast (coffee, bread, butter and jam) is served morning. Lunch is usually a cold picnic. Brunch (breakfast and late substitute copious
lunch) and eggs and bacon are sometimes prepared at the campsite. S hot meals are served at dinner.